How Can You Save Your Tooth with A Dental Crown

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

The use of dental crowns goes back more than a hundred years and tens of millions of people have received them. This well-established dental procedure has proven its value in saving teeth and beautifying smiles.

How do crowns strengthen teeth?

If you continue to exert pressure on your damaged tooth when you eat, the damage may eventually worsen. Exposure to biting forces can fracture a cracked tooth or cause a crack in a fragile tooth. If a fracture is severe and extends in a tooth root, it may not be possible to save your tooth. When a crown is slipped over your tooth, it absorbs biting forces and distributes the forces over the surface of the crown, reducing pressure on your tooth. Thanks to the addition of the crown, you won’t have to worry about fracturing a tooth when you eat.

When are crowns recommended?

  • You have a cracked tooth: Biting into very hard objects or foods, large fillings or grinding or clenching your teeth increase your risk of a crack. In addition to preventing your tooth from breaking, a crown also seals it, stopping bacteria from entering.
  • Your need to support a fragile tooth: When infection reaches the tooth, it can often become fragile and saved only by a root canal therapy. Sometimes, teeth become fragile due to the natural effects of aging or a genetic disposition toward brittle teeth.
  • Your tooth has already broken: Fractured teeth usually don’t break cleanly. Rough edges can irritate or cut your mouth and lips. If the broken tooth is a premolar or molar, chewing may become more difficult without a crown.
  • You want to cover a flaw:Worth residents also use crowns to conceal imperfections in teeth, change tooth shape and lengthen teeth that are too short.

In each of these cases, this initial damage has weakened the tooth, making further harm or eventual failure more likely. By covering the tooth with a strong porcelain crown, it is capable of lasting for many years—sometimes decades. Extraction can be delayed and sometimes it can be prevented altogether.

There are also cosmetic reasons to place a crown. Some people may have one or more teeth that are smaller than the others or are irregularly shaped. A few crowns will make this smile even and attractive, relieving any self-consciousness the person might have felt. A severely stained tooth can also be covered with a dental crown in Nashua, NH if the stain will not respond to whitening.

Aesthetic yet Durable Restoration

Dental crowns have benefited from all the recent advances in dental technology. They are now more aesthetic and more durable than ever. Crowns can be used for front teeth that experience the wear and tear of biting forces and for teeth in the back of the mouth that go through the stresses of chewing food. As such, crowns are the best way to save a damaged tooth


The crowns we place today are more capable of protecting and preserving teeth than ever before because of the durability of the newly-developed materials we use.

If you know about a problem tooth that might need a protective crown, please contact us to find the best dentist for dental crowns in Nashua, NH.

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