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Endodontic Re-treatment Nashua, NH 03063

Occasionally a tooth that was treated months or years ago may develop new problems. In some cases, a tooth that has received endodontic treatment fails to heal or continues to have pain. You may have another chance to save the tooth with a second endodontic procedure.


The reasons for a failed Endodontic treatment are as follows:

  • If the crown was not placed on time.
  • When the filling gets loose.
  • If the tooth gets fractured.
  • If curved and narrow canal treatments were not performed.
  • When fresh decay gets exposed to root canal fillings.
  • Saliva causing contamination on the inside of the tooth.
  • If the complicated canals were missed at the time of very first treatment.

The endodontic treatment is performed via both non-surgical and surgical procedures. At Advanced Family Dentistry, Dr. Praveena Bhat will suggest which one would be suitable for you if you are still experiencing tooth pain and extreme sensitivity. Coming to the endodontic treatment procedure, our dental professionals will create an opening in order to get his/her hands on the root canal filling material.

Another way of reaching it would be to remove the core material, post, and the crown. Dr. Bhat will take the help of an ultrasonic handpiece and a post remover to loosen the former along with other materials. She will inspect whether the structure of the tooth is intact or not while examining the tooth.

The cleaned canals are then sealed and filled, right after that, the temporary filling is put on the teeth. You might have to go through an endodontic surgery if the canals happen to be quite narrow or if there is a blockage.

So if you are going through such issues. Dr. Praveena Bhatt will help you to recover from the same, Call us today at (603) 821-9046

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