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Dental Crown in Nashua, NH

Get the strong dental crown in Nashua for your weak tooth and beat the worry

You may have lost a tooth in a horrible accident or while playing your favorite game and till now you haven’t been able to do anything about your missing tooth. But you don’t need to go through any more distress because Dr. Praveen Bhat has a permanent solution for it.

She along with her team members in Nashua make permanent crowns and dental bridges to give you back your everlasting smile. A bridge not only fills the gap but it also aligns the remaining teeth. It also makes chewing comfortably for you and the best part is, dental bridges improves the delivery of words. So, call us at 603-769-4234 if you are still suffering because of your missing tooth.

Again if a tooth has more extensive decay, a dental crown may be the ideal aesthetic and functional restorative solution. Choosing to have a crown placed can preserve the natural tooth, which is always the goal of preserving the natural teeth helps maintain the supporting bone structure and stability of the surrounding and adjacent teeth.

Our Procedure for Dental Crown

The first step in the process is to take an impression that will be used to make a model of the teeth and bite. This allows the crown to be made to look and function like your natural tooth. The tooth will then be prepped, with the decayed areas being removed. An impression of the prepped tooth will be made so that the final crown will fit properly when it is placed.

Sometimes the final crown can be placed on the same day but other times a temporary crown will be placed while your final restoration is being created. Crowns often last a lifetime with proper care and oral hygiene.

There are four main types of dental crown:

Ceramic Crowns

This type of crown is often used for teeth that are visible when smiling as they are made from a porcelain-based material that retains the look of your natural teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

These crowns are known for their strength and durability while also allowing for a natural-looking restoration.

Gold Alloys Crowns

These may be used when more strength is needed, particularly for patients who grind their teeth at night.

Base Metal Alloys Crowns

These are strong and corrosion-resistant and are often used when there is less existing tooth structure available to support the crown restoration. Our amazing team of dental professionals will help select the type of crown best suited to your particular needs.
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