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Root Canal   •   July 13, 2021

Root Canal: Cost, Duration & Definition

Root canals are a routine dental procedure that is recommended if you are suffering from decaying pulp. Most people tend to skip this procedure fearing root canal pain. Our dentists at Advanced Family Dentistry have decided to answer all your queries to help you get rid of your fears. Your favorite Nashua dentist has got […]

Dental Care   •   July 5, 2021

Dental Bonding: Cost, Duration & Definition

Tired of your chipped tooth? Dental bonding can help you get rid of all your imperfections and achieve your desired smile. It is a cosmetic procedure that improves the aesthetics as well as your oral health. Our dentists at Advanced Family Dentistry have answered all your queries related to this procedure. Let us take a […]

What Are The Benefits of Habit Breaking Appliances For Kids?

What Are Habit Breaking Appliances? Many parents seek qualified dental health specialists as they want to get rid of certain habits for their kids. Habits like sucking a thumb and thrusting the tongue are completely normal in toddlers and infants. Babies even suck their thumbs when they are inside their mother’s womb. However, these habits […]

Dental Care, General Dentistry, Oral health care   •   June 10, 2021

All You Need To Know About Using Fluoride

The usage of fluoride has divided the world of dentistry into two camps. It is a heavily debated topic that has only created several confusions. Some say that fluoride is extremely beneficial for your oral hygiene. The other camp raises ethical concerns about the usage of fluoride. Our dentists at Advanced Family Dentistry have addressed […]

Dentures   •   May 21, 2021

Dental Sealants: Definition, Procedure, And Benefits

Our children’s oral care routines consist of the usual brushing and flossing daily and cutting down on sugar. Do you want to take it up a notch? Then you must consider dental sealants. They will be a good addition to your kid’s dental care routine and provide them with extra protection. What are Dental Sealants? […]