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At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, we are proud to offer cutting-edge LightWalker® laser technology in our dental office in Nashua, NH. The LightWalker laser is a state-of-the-art tool that revolutionizes how we provide comprehensive dental care. With its advanced features and versatility, we can deliver superior clinical results and enhance the patient experience.

The LightWalker laser has a user-friendly touchscreen interface that simplifies treatment selection. With personalized laser treatments at your fingertips, you can choose the desired procedure, and the laser automatically sets the optimal starting parameters. As a result, our dentists in Nashua, NH, have access to easy-to-follow protocols and one-touch treatment settings, ensuring confidence and high success rates. This advanced technology elevates the quality of our dental services and brings additional income to our practice.

LightWalker Laser: From Dentistry To Aesthetics

The LightWalker laser is a versatile tool that transcends traditional dentistry and extends its benefits to aesthetics. Its functionality covers many clinical applications, making it one of the most comprehensive dental lasers. With both tipped and tipless handpieces, the clinical options are endless, allowing us to deliver the highest standard of dental treatment with simplicity and precision.

Whether it's restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, implantology, or aesthetic treatments, the LightWalker laser provides exceptional results. Its precision and effectiveness make it an invaluable asset in various dental procedures. From cavity preparations to soft tissue surgeries, the LightWalker laser enables us to offer advanced treatment options that promote faster healing and improved patient outcomes.

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Designed With The Dentist In Mind

At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, the LightWalker laser is designed with the dentist and patient in mind, prioritizing ease of use, safety, and patient comfort. Its easy-to-use color touchscreen interface allows seamless navigation with adjustable tilt and customizable settings for more than 40 applications. This intuitive interface enhances efficiency and streamlines the treatment process.

The laser system incorporates energy feedback control, ensuring safety during procedures. It features a sophisticated double-channel safety structure for energy regulation, constantly monitoring and adjusting the laser output energy.

This regulation mechanism contributes to the overall safety and precision of the treatment. Patient comfort is a key consideration with the LightWalker laser. The laser's gentle approach minimizes pain and bleeding during cavity preparations and soft-tissue procedures. In addition, patients often require little to no anesthesia, thanks to the laser's minimally invasive nature.

Optimal Laser Wavelengths: Unmatched Patient Comfort

Different dental procedures require specific laser wavelengths, as oral tissues respond differently to different laser sources. The LightWalker laser offers a near-universal solution by incorporating the highly absorbed Er: YAG laser wavelength and the homogeneously absorbed Nd: YAG laser wavelength.

This dual-wavelength system allows for a range of laser-assisted dental treatments. The combination of wavelengths in the TwinLight® treatment concept optimizes the laser-tissue interaction characteristics, enhancing treatment outcomes. The Nd: YAG laser energy excels in coagulation and deep disinfection, while the Er: YAG laser efficiently ablates hard and soft tissues. Together, they expand the treatment possibilities and significantly improve the results of laser-assisted procedures.

Supreme Clinical Results

  • Endodontic Treatment: The Fotona endodontic treatment with Er: YAG photoacoustic irrigation effectively cleans and disinfects complex root canal systems, including lateral and dentinal tubules.
  • Periodontal Treatment: The TwinLight® approach enables minimally invasive periodontal therapy, promoting healing by removing diseased epithelial lining, microbial biofilm, and calculus from the root surface and sealing the pocket with a stable fibrin clot.
  • Peri-implantitis Treatment: TwinLight® peri-implantitis treatment combines the power of the two best laser wavelengths, offering a non-surgical solution to inflammation and swelling around implants, leading to improved long-term implant success.
  • Laser-Assisted Tooth Whitening: The patented TouchWhite® tooth whitening procedure utilizes the Er: YAG laser wavelength, eliminating the need for additional absorbing particles in bleaching gels. This method provides effective and minimally invasive tooth whitening.

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