Laser dentistry

At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, we are proud to offer cutting-edge LightWalker® laser technology in our dental office in Nashua, NH. The LightWalker laser is a state-of-the-art tool that revolutionizes how we provide comprehensive dental care. With its advanced features and versatility, we can deliver superior clinical results and enhance the patient experience.
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Laser Dentistry in Nashua NH | Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua

Digital Dentures

With digital dentures, we can envision and create your future smile with remarkable precision and artistry. At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, our dentists in Nashua, NH, combine their expertise with cutting-edge technology to design dentures that fit seamlessly and enhance your natural appearance.
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Digital Denture in Nashua NH | Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua

Leica Microscope

Leica Microscopes In Dentistry Provide High-Quality Magnification And Illumination To Enhance The Precision And Accuracy Of Dental Procedures. Advanced Family Dentistry utilizes the cutting-edge Leica Microscope to take dentistry to a whole new level of precision and excellence. With its exceptional magnification and illumination capabilities, the Leica Microscope allows us to explore the intricacies of the oral cavity in remarkable detail.
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Leica Microscope Nashua NH | Advanced family Dentistry Nashua

OP3D CT Scan

Experience the future of dental diagnostics with the OP3D CT Scan Machine at Advanced Family Dentistry. We combine expertise with innovation to deliver exceptional dental care in Nashua, NH. Trust us to uncover hidden details, enhance treatment precision, and elevate your dental experience to a new level.
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OP3D CT Scan Nashua Nh | Advanced Family Dentist Nashua

3Shape TRIOS Scanner

At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, we believe in staying at the forefront of dental technology to provide you with the highest standard of care. The 3Shape TRIOS Scanner represents the future of dental care, revolutionizing how we capture digital impressions and transforming the treatment process. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner is the future of dental care.
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Trios Scanner Nashua Nh | Advanced family Dentistry Nashua

SprintRay 3d printer

At Advanced Family Dentistry Nashua, we believe in providing our patients with the latest advancements in dental technology. The SprintRay 3D Printer is at the forefront of digital dentistry, empowering us to achieve remarkable results with unmatched precision. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, we enhance our ability to offer innovative dental solutions that meet your unique needs.
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CAD/CAM Dentistry

In Nashua, NH 03063

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CAD/CAM stands for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Milling (CAM). 3D images can be uploaded into special CAD software, allowing the dentist to evaluate the exact details of the appearance and function of the restoration. This software can also help the patient visualize the end result of the proposed restoration.

Once the design is finalized, the files are sent to the CAM system for fabrication of the restoration to the exact specifications of the design. Use of CAD/CAM technology increases efficiency and accuracy and can often reduce the overall number of patient visits needed.

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation needed as compared to film x-rays. The improved diagnostic capability of digital x-rays and the ability to view the x-rays on a computer screen allow the patient to better understand and follow treatment. Digital x-rays are instant, there is no longer a need to develop the film. Digital x-rays save time and increase patient care. It’s also a very green technology. By eliminating film, developer and chemical waste it is better for you and the environment!

Our office uses state-of-the-art DEXIS and Gendex digital x-ray systems to lessen our patients’ radiation exposure by up to 80%


There Are Four Main Types Of Dental Crown:

Electronic Medical Records (Emr)

Using Electronic Medical Records our practice is able to quickly and accurately access patient information in order to provide the utmost in patient care. This helps to ensure patient confidentiality as well as reduce the need for paper. Using a digital format allows for quick access to your information when needed for insurance records yet provides a secure filing system.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer affects thousands of Americans yearly. We use the latest technology to detect changes in oral tissue consistencies and/or lesions. A specialized light is shined into the mouth to detect unhealthy tissue. Healthy tissue looks lighter under the light while spots of bad tissue appear dark. With early detection, cancer may be caught before it has time to spread, potentially saving lives..

Digital Intraoral Cameras

An intra-oral camera combines the latest video technologies with dental care. Both the patient and dentist can see detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real time. With an intraoral camera, you are able to better understand what is happening in your mouth and review the status of your oral health.

Digital Flat Screen Monitors

These monitors are found next to every patient chair. Patients can watch a movie or TV show. Patients can also view their dental radiographs when speaking to the doctor about the findings for a better understanding of their oral health.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These ultra quiet headphones are for patient use during any dental procedure. Patients can listen to their favorite music, movie, or television show without having to hear all of the surrounding noise going on as the dental work is being performed.

Gaming Consoles For Patient Use

A variety of electronic games and iPad devices are available for patients to play when they visit our office for an appointment.


Our office offers free Wi-Fi for our patients use while visiting our office.

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