Why Are Dental Crowns The Best Solution To Your Damaged Tooth?

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, help preserve the normal functionality of the damaged tooth. As per the dentists, dental crowns play a great role in protecting and, in turn, restoring the normal functioning of the tooth, which has undergone severe decay. In simple words, it encases the damaged tooth with a custom-designed material.

Nowadays, dentists make use of a wide array of treatment procedures through which they can restore the damaged tooth. But, statistics say that dental crowns are always the best solution.

Top 4 reasons why dental crowns are always the best solution for your damaged tooth

They Provide Instant Relief To Uncomfortable Symptoms

You must be aware of the fact that dental crowns play a major role in restorative dentistry. If you are suffering from extensive tooth decay, tooth root, infection, or any other kind of oral trauma, then it is quite natural for your tooth to ache or sore.

A root canal therapy or a dental filling is the best solution in this situation. However, the remaining structure of the tooth still remains vulnerable to damage and discomfort. A dental crown can help strengthen your tooth against further oral issues, and also help prevent sensitivity.

They Are Extremely Easy To Create And Place

Some people believe that dental crown treatment is an extremely easy procedure and cause immense pain. But in reality, this process is extremely simple and completely painless. Once the enamel is clean and healthy, the dentists give proper shape to the tooth for fitting the crown.  The dentists then take the shape of the tooth and send it to the lab for manufacturing the crown. After receiving the crown from the lab, they place the crown on the tooth with a strong bonding cement.

In fact, dental crowns can today be created and placed in just one day! Same day crowns allow you to restore your teeth without any waiting.

They Are Custom Made To Suit Your Smile

The best thing about dental crowns is that they can be custom made as per the needs of the patients. You can simply specify your size, shape, color, and fit, and the rest will be handled by the dentist. In this way, you will feel confident every time you smile. Also, it will help you lead a happy life.

They Last For Many Years

Dental crowns are manufactured from materials that have the capacity to last for many years. According to the dentists, if proper care is taken and routine examinations and cleanings are carried out, they have the capability to last as long as thirty years. This means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of dental crowns for decades.


Dental crowns are the perfect way to treat your damaged tooth. It can provide instant relief for many uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, if you are a resident of Nashua, and are experiencing immense pain and discomfort due to a damaged tooth, then we can definitely help you out. We provide top-notch dental crowns that are bound to provide you with instant comfort. Why wait when we are just a phone call away?

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