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How An Endodontist Provides Effective Root Canal Treatment?

An endodontist is a highly-qualified dental professional who has received extensive training in performing every aspect of root canal therapy that comprises complex and routine procedures, endodontic surgery, and retreatments. A root canal procedure may become necessary for fixing a tooth. A dentist in Nashua often recommends it upon careful oral examination or when the patient complains of tooth decay and approaches the Nashua dentist for treatment. The dental office in Nashua will then refer the patient to an endodontist. The pulp portion of the tooth has to be removed by an endodontist, and filling material will be used to fill it. Root canal treatment is often recommended when the filling doesn’t work, or the tooth has been infected to affect the tooth’s nerve.

The Procedure

The endodontist performs the root canal procedure in the office. If an experienced endodontist performs the procedure, it is not going to be uncomfortable or painful. Factors such as tooth decay, severe sensitivity to heat and cold, a chipped tooth, tooth pulp that is inflamed, and swelling near an infected tooth are some reasons why a root canal may be performed in a patient. It may take one or multiple visits by the patient to the dental office to complete the root canal procedure. The endodontist will discuss the number of appointments that may be required for the patient at the initial consultation. If you already have an abscess or infection in the teeth, the dentist in Nashua may prescribe some antibiotics that should be taken before the beginning of the procedure. The dentist in Nashua will administer a local anesthetic to make the tooth work numb until the completion of the procedure. 

Upon making the tooth numb, the endodontist will perform several procedures on the patient. It includes taking a dental x-ray of the tooth, placing a rubber dam over the mouth, and drilling and removing the nerve from the nerve and the infected tissue. After cleaning, the tooth is dried, and then the remaining decay is removed from the tooth. The Nashua dentist then may perform a temporary filling or goes ahead with a permanent filling. If you are looking for a root canal treatment, contact the best endodontist in Nashua to receive top-notch treatment at an affordable cost.