Does Snoring Ruin My Teeth?

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impact of snoring on teeth
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Snoring is perhaps one of the most common problems faced by millions of Americans on a daily basis. But did you know that snoring can have a negative impact on your oral health? Well, if you didn’t then go through this blog can be of great help. Snoring can do more harm than just disturbing your bed partner. Do not be among the group of people who think of snoring to be a normal thing. It is generally a symptom of something else going wrong in your body. This issue getting continued for a long time can take a toll on your oral health.

What is snoring?

But before delving any deeper, you should know what snoring actually is. It happens when your air passage is partially or completely blocked. Swollen or fluid-filled nasal cavity, tongue blockage or vibrating tissue creates the sound heard while snoring. This leads to difficulty or discomfort while breathing. As a result, you might tend to open your mouth a little wider to allow more air.

How does snoring affect your mouth?

Now that you have gained a clear understanding of what snoring is, let us talk about how it can have a direct effect on your teeth and gums. As mentioned before, snoring can make your mouth wide open which in turn can contribute to drying out of saliva. Ignoring this issue for a long time can lead to the malfunction of the salivary glands. Hence, the gland will not be able to make enough saliva to make your mouth wet. This will cause a situation called Xerostomia. You might not know that Xerostomia is considered to be the primary cause of gum disease and tooth loss. 

Function of Saliva

You might have now figured out that snoring will definitely lessen down the flow of saliva in your mouth. Less saliva can be the reason for your nightmare in the long run. Are you wondering why? Go through the function of saliva to know what damage can be caused.

  • Wash away the food particles stuck in between your teeth
  • Helping in the swallowing or chewing process
  • Creating enzymes that help to digest food
  • Control the pH level of the human mouth
  • Fight against infection-causing bacteria
  • Lubricate your mouth
  • Eliminates the chances of teeth decay

Less saliva in your mouth creates an ideal circumstance for several dental problems which can ultimately affect your overall health.

How to prevent snoring that affects your oral health?

Yes! you have heard it correct. Adopting a few preventive measures can be helpful in resolving the problem of snoring. Go through the pointers below for more details.

  • Try to cut down on the consumption of acidic beverages and food items
  • Do not eat extremely cold or hot food items which can irritate your digestive system or oral health
  • Use a humidifier to sleep
  • You should definitely drink an adequate amount of water
  • Make sure to check your mouth for patches or ulcers
  • You should brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Most importantly, always contact your dentist in case of serious problems

We hope that you have now understood how snoring can be bad for your teeth and gums. Address the problem as it can be difficult to handle if ignored for long. 

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