How to take care of your teeth in winter?

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Winter oral care tips - Advanced Family Dentistry - Dentist Nashua NH
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

People often fail to acknowledge the fact that their teeth require additional care during the chilly months of winter. As soon as you experience a fall in the temperature, the chances of facing dental problems increase by a number of notches. The sole reason this is low temperature can make human teeth susceptible to different problems such as sensitivity and even cracks. 

Keeping this thing in mind, Advanced Family Dental has come up with this blog to make one aware of the steps which can be adopted to take proper care of one’s teeth during winter. If you don’t have a clear understanding of the topic then it is advisable to go through the sections below.

  • Schedule an appointment at a dental clinic – This is a must if you want to maintain the well-being of your oral health during any time of the year. But consulting a dental professional on regular intervals is considered to be a primary measure that needs to be adopted during winter. If you have a fear of visiting dental clinics then find out ways to fight dental phobia. Always remember that lack of knowledge about a topic is what feeds into fear and makes it difficult to overcome.
  • Change the way you brush your teeth – If you suffer from the problem of sensitivity during winters, it is necessary to make a few changes in the way you brush. First of all, switch to a soft bristled toothbrush which will help you to protect your enamel. You should also go for a toothpaste which specifically made for sensitive teeth. If you are brushing your teeth once in a day then make it mandatory to at least do it twice. It is also advisable to wait for a few minutes before you brush after a meal.
  • Don’t ignore your gums – Winter is known as the time for flu and cold. Unfortunately, the germs causing these illnesses can also be the reason for gum infection. Make sure to notice the first symptoms such as inflammation and redness. Usage of a mouthwash at least twice in a day is recommendable. 
  • Get a mouth guard – Getting a mouth guard for yourself can also turn out to be a good idea to protect your teeth from the brutal cold weather. It also helps to avoid any sort of injuries. To experience best results, it is advisable to consult a dentist and ask him/her to fit custom mouth guards. 
  • Keep your neck and face warm – Don’t forget to cover your neck and face even when you are going out for an evening troll. Exposing these body parts to the cold weather can be the reason for facing problems related to your teeth, gums or jaw line.
  • Drink plenty of water – We often drink less water in the winter months. But it should never be the case. Intake of less water dehydrates your body which in turn leads to the production of less or no saliva. You should know that lack of saliva in your mouth is the perfect condition for the growth of infection causing bacterias.

We hope that the blog has been of effective help to make you aware of the preventive measures which can be adopted to protect your teeth in winter. If the problem is serious, do not hesitate for a minute to contact a professional at a nearby dental clinic. In case you are looking for best dentists in Nashua, NH and nearby, Advanced Family Dentistry can be a great pick. We offer a wide array of high quality dental treatments undergoing which will help you to get rid of any problem with ease. Thank you.

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