Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

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dental implants
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

The best treatment for missing teeth or a damaged tooth is dental implants since it is a permanent solution. Permanent tooth replacement will prevent the missing or removed tooth from developing bacteria in the open space left behind by them. Missing teeth will inevitably cause the remaining teeth to move. A permanent replacement of the tooth stabilizes the jaw and protects the teeth around you. When the implant is in place you’ll be able to eat or drink just about anything.

It is personal to remove teeth with dental implants

A permanent tooth replacement looks and feels real, and is better for the missing or damaged tooth than a removable substitute. Tooth restoration or dental bridge-like appliances merely restore those spaces. A permanent replacement of the tooth which replicates the roots of the tooth and the tooth itself is a better choice. Dental implants are sturdy, durable and reliable. They will be able to withstand the strength and texture of whatever you eat and enable you to continue a diverse diet full of nutrient-packed foods that will benefit your oral health and health. It’s always an adventure to bite on an apple or eat corn with dentures or partials!

Dental implants restore your jaw ‘s natural structure

A permanent replacement of the teeth bolsters the jawbone along with the teeth around it. This is the backing your mouth needs to stay functional and healthy. A dental implant for example is a permanent tooth replacement made of bio-compatible titanium. Over the past three decades, titanium alloy has been used for dental appliances and is used with implants to create a strong, secure bond.

The titanium implant is positioned surgically in the mouth, yet it is highly unlikely that the jaw will reject it as it does. The jaw then develops around this dental implant post in a process known as osseointegration in order to provide ample support for the replacement tooth. Replacing the crack with the root helps retain as much jawbone structure as possible. Jawbone density is needed to prevent excessive stress on the remaining teeth in the mouth.

Dental implants avoid misalignment

Failure to replace your damaged or missing tooth with a permanent solution, and eventually misaligning your bite. Bite misalignment can cause significant neuromuscular oral health problems like TMJ or misaligned temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-man-DIB-u-lur) joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. This can cause considerable residual pain.

Dental implants prevent teeth from twisting

Those who leave gaps in their mouth after losing one or more teeth end up experiencing all kinds of oral health problems. In certain instances, the teeth at the sides of the gap will curl to cover up the gap that the missing teeth make. When you have the crooked teeth, it’s hard to smile!

Dental implants help prevent oral infections and diseases

If you leave a damaged tooth in place or fail to replace a missing tooth, gum disease is likely to end up in you. The teeth are linked to the gums so that issues with either end up being problems of both. Gum disease requires urgent care. If gum disease progresses from gingivitis to periodontitis, the gums, bone and supporting teeth will be destroyed. Gum disease can also lead to serious diseases and diseases of all kinds, such as cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, stroke , and cancer.

Furthermore, dental implants can best replicate your natural teeth in terms of functioning and appearance. Need to restore your teeth? Get the best dental implants dentist in Nashua NH.

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