Tooth Extraction: A 5-Step Procedure

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tooth extraction
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Extraction of a tooth isn’t as painful as you thought. The only pain you’d feel is after the surgical procedure because you’d be sedated during the procedure. Gather your courage and read through the steps involved in tooth extraction if you are expected to undergo a tooth extraction in the coming days. This is because, first, you wouldn’t feel any pain at all and second, realizing what you’d be going through would better prepare you psychologically for the procedure.

While complex surgical procedures for extracting a tooth from beneath the gums are a frequent occurrence, we shall only talk about the simple tooth extraction procedure. The steps involved in a tooth extraction are laid out below:

  1. Initially, the dentist will anesthetize you with either local or general anesthesia. You are likely to get general anesthesia if you have too much dental anxiety. It still depends on your medical condition, however.
  2. To allow extraction, the tooth is then loosened from the gum tissues. It’ll be done using a blade-like tool, called a periotome.
  3. The gum tissues around the tooth are broadened further to relax the tooth even more. It is also possible to use an elevator for the same purpose. The intention behind loosening the tooth as much as possible is to ensure that the tooth extraction is smooth and that the underlying gum tissues are not uprooted or injured.
  4. A pair of objects which look like forceps will be used for the extraction portion. Before the dentist starts stroking it back and forth, they must hold onto your teeth firmly and pull the tooth to separate the root from the surrounding tissues.
  5. A clot is formed within the extracted tooth socket. The dentist will put a gauze pad over it and ask you to gently bite on it. If you bite too hard and crack the loose clot, you’d feel a certain unbearable pain.

If a tooth is too difficult to extract, the dentist would choose to cut out the tooth piece by piece. But during the extraction process, you wouldn’t feel any pain.

After the procedure, make sure that you follow all the directions as part of your aftercare that your dentist has laid down. Avoid food items that are painful to chew for the first few weeks and gently brush and floss around the surgical area. If you need to undergo a tooth extraction, click here to get the best dentist for tooth extraction in Nashua NH.