Here’s How You Can Make Brushing an Exhilarating Activity for Your Kids

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Kids generally throw a lot of tantrums while brushing. Making them clean their teeth becomes almost next to impossible but it may turn the other way around if brushing becomes a fun activity for them.

Come up with exciting ideas to intrigue them towards brushing. There are many ways of doing so and some we have stated here. So, make use of them and let the kids understand that brushing is not a task rather an exhilarating procedure to make our teeth spick and span.

Put Options In Front of them: A lot of options sometimes make people confused but it might not be the same for children. Put at least 6 to 8 colorful brushes in front of them and quite a lot of flavors of toothpaste. They will surely get thrilled and enthusiastic looking at them, then making them brush won’t be a tedious process.

Create Different Stories: Exaggerating about things work for children, so make up as many stories as you can which are related to brushing. Tell them that they can convert into a superhuman if they brush properly. Be a little creative and build up a lot of tales.

Show the Kids Some Animated Videos: Kids often come up with a lot of questions as they show the urge of knowing everything. Show them animated videos based on why brushing is important. You can go ahead with this idea if you are not being able to provide them with the exact answer which they want to hear. They will definitely get glued to the video and start following it from the next day.

Join them to Brush Together: Your kid may get motivated if you brush along with them and portray as if you are enjoying a lot. Play around with the bubbles which are made out of toothpaste and don’t just do it for a day but try to continue this. Children basically follow what their parents do, therefore, this would be a great way to encourage them.

Reward them if They Follow What You Say: Rewarding is a great way of motivating adults and not just kids. But it works a bit more with children. Give them a small toy or treat them to their favorite place if they brush twice a day. This will keep them going and you don’t have to nag your kids every day because they will automatically show the interest of brushing.

Tackling kids is not an easy job to do, you may have to slog a lot to make them realize the importance of brushing. But a little struggle can get your children stronger teeth. Call us today at +1 603-821-9046 to know more about oral hygiene from Dr. Bhatt and why it necessary for everyone and not just children.

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry