How Much Do I Pay For Teeth Whitening?

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Teeth whitening has emerged to be one of the most common dental treatments in today’s age and time. Here the Advanced Family Dentistry, we often come across people asking questions related to the cost of teeth whitening. Keeping this in mind, we decided to post a blog that will not just discuss the price to be paid for whitening your teeth but will also throw some light on the different types of teeth whitening methods. Therefore, if you have any confusion regarding this topic, do take some time off your daily schedule and give the sections below a diligent read. 

The cost of teeth whitening directly depends on whether you want to get it done at home or at a professional dental clinic. Yes, you heard it right! Teeth whitening can be done at your home with the help of whitening strips that are available in the market. These strips can be bought in boxes and will cost you around $20 to $40 per box. The box consists of enough strips to treat your teeth for almost a week. You can also get over-the-counter trays that need to fill with a white solution and then applied to your teeth. Adopting this method includes a pocket pinch of 100$ or more. These are some of the most inexpensive teeth whitening options that you can opt for.

Some of the other domestic methods of teeth whitening are also being mentioned in the pointers below.

  • Oil pulling
  • Applying baking soda to your teeth
  • Using hydrogen peroxide
  • Leading a healthy life 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet

It is to be noted that all of the above-mentioned methods are time-consuming. Therefore, you need to be patient and consistent.

Now, let us talk about the cost of professional teeth whitening treatment. The price to be paid by you directly depends on your requirements. Some of the other factors that do determine the cost of professional teeth whitening are – the cost of living in the area where the dental clinic is located, the products used in the treatment, money charged by the dental professional or the hygienist, difficulty of the task etc. The average cost of undergoing a teeth whitening treatment at a reliable dental clinic is somewhere around $650 and can go up to $1000 or more. Is the cost of teeth whitening making your forehead frown? If yes then do not let that happen. Professional teeth whitening offer several benefits and take very less time to yield great results. Most of dental insurance companies also cover a major portion of the expenditure for professional teeth whitening. 

We hope that going through this blog has made you aware of the cost of teeth whitening. Contact Advanced Family Dentistry if you are looking for the best teeth whitening treatment in Nashua, NH. You can also check out the wide variety of dental treatments we offer at a pocket-friendly price range. Why wait anymore? Visit us today to experience the difference.

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