What to expect when getting Dental Dentures?

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Are you getting a set of dentures for the first time?

Scared of what the process entails or just what the outcome may be?

When you are faced with oral problems such as bad tooth, gum disease, broken tooth, there are many a solutions to getting a fix. Now, depending on the severity of your tooth problem, you may be prompted by your dentist to get dentures. Dentures are artificial fixtures that are used to replace out natural teeth. They are modeled just like our natural teeth and take shapes and forms that fits into a persons cavity just like the teeth would.

What should you expect when getting Dentures?

After deciding on getting a set of dentures following a recommendation by your dentist, concerns, scares and anxiety may not be far fetched. Thankfully, following advancement in technology, the process has become easier than ever. But the journey ahead is well worth a preparation. Here’s what you need to expect on a general:

Prepare for the cost

If you are going to get a set of dentures, then you should be prepared as they are a bit expensive. Don’t get discouraged – your beautiful smile is totally worth the trouble! Check around for the best prices and if you have an insurance, be sure that the dental clinic where you are getting a new teeth accepts insurance.

The Process:

How to care your Dentures


The first step is usually a dental examination by your dentist to determine the state of your oral health. Identify the teeth that should be removed and checking for any other condition that may hinder the denture process.


After examination, an appointment will be set for you to have the bad teeth removed by your dentist. Following the extraction, temporary/immediate dentures may be put in place so that you are not left without teeth. During this period, you will definitely feel some discomfort that would range from days to weeks, but will adjust over time – the healing process.

Customizing your permanent Dentures

Your dentist will have to model your new dentures or send your measurements to a dental lab to build them. This is done following the shape of your mouth and teeth so that it sits properly and visually matches your existing teeth (if you are not replacing all of your teeth). You may also work with your dentist to choose your tooth shape, size and color. Once the dentures are made, you will try them on and if necessary adjustments will be made.

Taking care of your Dentures

  • Daily care of dentures involve removing and brushing them, to dislodge existing food particles. You may be prompted to soak your dentures for a few minutes in a cleanser recommended by your dentist to keep bacteria at bay. If you are going to brush, it is best advised to use a soft bristled brush to avoid any damage to them.
  • For the first few weeks you will become a baby again (literally).  You will be prompted to hang in with some easy to masticate food until your mouth adjusts. If you are going to do some hard food, do in smaller bites.

Getting back to yourself again

The whole process of eating anew, difficulty in pronunciation/ vocalization, could pose quite a struggle or may be downright frustrating. But they are definitely struggles that you will overcome with time. Think you can’t do it? Please think again – As they say time heals all wounds. You can have complete mastery of your dentures in no time.

Everyone looks radiant in a perfect smile. Never settle for a little less gorgeous look. Don’t give thought to being stuck with feeling too embarrassed to smile. Dentures are your go to option – be smart about your oral health and regain a better confidence today. Feel free to check in with dentist  near you.

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