Don’t Ignore the Maintenance of Your Dentures, Know 4 Ways of Cleaning It

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Your job does not end right after getting a set of dentures for yourself, rather it starts from there. Any living or non-living thing needs a proper amount of care to sustain. You certainly would not want to see dirty patches on your dentures or drop them quite often. Thus, a good maintenance is mandatory.

People generally get perplexed regarding how to clean their dentures if they are using it for the first time. Therefore, we have come up with a guideline which has defined the cleaning and maintaining procedures of dentures. Take a look at them below.

Do Not Forget to Brush Your Dentures Every Day: It does not matter whether you are using a partial denture or a complete denture, brushing them regularly is a compulsion. The food debris which gets stuck in them should be removed every day. Just take out your dentures (gently and not in a hurry) and use a soft bristle brush to clean them completely. You can get denture cleansers in the market, so, it would be best if you use that.       

Keep them in a Moist Area: Don’t keep your dentures in a dry area after removing it or else its shape might not stay intact. Thus, put it in a bowl of water which will keep the dentures moist but make sure not to keep them in warm water because it might have chances of distorting it.

Soak Them Throughout the Night: You obviously won’t wear your dentures and sleep but that does not mean that you will keep them on your table or somewhere else in open. You can relate to this if you have understood what has been mentioned in the second point. Take a clean bowl filled with water and a denture cleaning solution. Mix the latter with the water and then keep your dentures in it. Let it soak throughout the night. This is the best way to take care of your removable dentures.

Pay Heed While Handling Them: A lot of people seldom drop their dentures, which eventually ruins the quality of it. So, you need to pay heed while handling them. Place a towel in the sink while you are brushing or cleaning them, then even if the dentures fall from your hand, it won’t break.

We hope that this write up has given you a good insight into the foremost ways of taking care of your dentures. Call us at +1 603-821-9046 if you still haven’t got your doubts cleared, Dr. Praveena Bhat will give you the best guidance on how to clean your dentures teeth to prevent harmful bacterial growth.

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