5 Unknown Facts About Dental Dentures

in Van, TX
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

A dental denture is a very popular restorative dental method that is provided to treat missing tooth problems. When just a few or all of your real teeth are lost, because of an infection, tooth decay, accident, or gum disease, dentures function in an effective way to replace your missing teeth.

Types of dentures available, based on their functionality:

  • COMPLETE DENTURES: When you are missing your complete set of teeth in either your upper jaw or lower jaw, the dentist prescribes complete or full dentures. Basically, in the case of a complete denture, the lower portion of the custom-made permanent denture is created so that it replicates your actual gum tissue. It is fabricated of acrylic and therefore, its surfaces can be greatly polished to provide a natural appearance. Also, it helps to stop bacteria from accumulating on your dentures. The dentist uses a denture adhesive to hold the dentures firmly in position.
  • PARTIAL DENTURES: When just a few of your teeth are missing and they require to be replaced with a fresh set of that number of teeth, the dentist prescribes partial dentures to resolve the case.
  • TEMPORARY DENTURES: The dentist bonds these dentures to the area of your teeth temporarily, while your customized permanent ones are being created in the lab.
  • FLEXIBLE DENTURES: Flexible dentures, as the name suggests are actually easily removable. The dentist gives these in the case of partial dentures and is created of a different material that is nylon, rather than the much heavier acrylic that is used in the full dentures.

Facts about Dentures that you must know

The initial period for using dentures need not be a cause of tension for you, since every new adaptation causes quite a bit of uneasiness!

  • After the dentures are placed, for the first few days, it is advised not to take them off during the night before your bedtime. You need to wear them for 24 hours. This is because, particularly after extractions, your gums turn to swell up. When you take the dentures out, it may not allow them again to be appropriately fit.
  • Even after the usage of suction and clasps to hold the dentures firmly in their place, denture adhesive works effectively to enhance retention and stability.
  • Eating and speaking feel a bit uneasy and difficult for some days. Normally, people take almost one to two months to entirely adapt themselves to the use of dentures. Even though for the first few days you need to eat soft foods, but ultimately you can munch on anything once your dentures sit in their position firmly.
  • You need to clean your dentures (specifically partial dentures) on a regular basis by dipping them in solutions, for example, alkaline peroxides, acid cleaners, or bleaches to make them germ-free and clean. But this must be done only with the dentist’s advice. Also, note when you take them off, use a mouth rinse!
  • Dentures that are created of acrylic are fragile. Thus, you ought to handle them with utmost care. If you bite on very hard or any crunchy substances carelessly (particularly during the initial days of receiving dentures) it may fracture them!

Final Words

All-in-all, dentures also ought to be handled with great care. The cost of dentures depends on the heat cure that is given on your denture (that enables it to hold the denture in position). Dentures may range from $500 to a whopping $3000 or more. Along with all your dental requirements, the kind of denture you opt for, their cost hugely depends upon your affordability as well.

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