Tired of the Gap Between Your Teeth? Know How Dental Bridge Can Be Useful

in Van, TX
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Missing teeth has caused several people a lot of distress. You might feel conscious while talking to someone or maybe smiling. Everyone likes to be presentable but a gap between two teeth stands like a hindrance. These days, there is hardly anything that cannot be mended and missing teeth is certainly one of them. The procedure of dental bridge fills the gap and makes it look natural.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Bridges to fix the Gap Between Teeth

Compatible with Dental Implants: A person can get the bridge fixed in his mouth even if he has gone through dental implant because it can be attached to it. Therefore, people who do not have natural teeth can also opt for it.

The Role of Pontics: Pontics or artificial teeth, are a part of traditional dental bridges. These adjoin the missing tooth and get the support of dental crown.

The Magic of Maryland Bridges: Maryland bridges are made out of ceramic, which happens to be an alternative for traditional bridges. However, these bridges are not supported by crowns and are cemented at the place of the missing teeth.

Way Different from Dentures: You may feel that dentures could be a better option but it’re not fixed in your mouth, unlike dental bridges. The bridges won’t come off; rather, they will stay intact.

Saves the Adjacent Tooth:  Every tooth supports the other, because when one of them goes missing, it gets risky for the other teeth. They even start getting a little loose but those could be saved by the dental bridges by filling the space up.

Enhances Your Looks: You can imagine how a person would look after losing his front teeth. But dental bridges would enhance his/her looks by restoring them. The process also restrains the soft tissues from crumbling.

Rectifies Problems Related to Speech: It is a known fact that losing out on a tooth can create a lot of issues while talking. The words may not sound clear or the pronunciations might go wrong. However, dental bridges bring back the teeth that fell off, hence, they resolve the speech problem.

Types of Replacement Teeth: Dentists use different types of materials for the artificial teeth that are on the bridge. They are made out of gold, silver amalgam, and porcelain, of which the latter looks the best.

Quite Durable: Don’t we all like things that are durable? Likewise, dental bridges are preferred by a lot of people because of their longevity. It sustains for several years and does not slip off.

It Improves Your Chewing Ability: Dental bridges do not create uneasiness while chewing. The entire concept of it is to make things comfortable for you, just like the time when your teeth were not missing. Therefore, it develops your chewing ability.

It’s better to go through the facts related to dental bridges before making a decision to go for it. You can search on the internet about it or else, you can call us on +1 603-821-9046 at our dental office in Nashua, NH to get the best suggestion on what exactly to do close the gap between your teeth from Dr. Praveena Bhat.