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Tooth Extraction   •   October 12, 2020

Get To Know About Tooth Extraction

The removal of a tooth or Tooth extraction is quite a familiar method for adults, even though their teeth are meant to stay for a life-time. While we can see many teens and few adults get their wisdom teeth extracted, there are also plenty of reasons why tooth extraction may be required in adult age. […]

General Dentistry, Tooth Extraction   •   March 10, 2020

Tooth Extraction: A 5-Step Procedure

Extraction of a tooth isn’t as painful as you thought. The only pain you’d feel is after the surgical procedure because you’d be sedated during the procedure. Gather your courage and read through the steps involved in tooth extraction if you are expected to undergo a tooth extraction in the coming days. This is because, […]

General Dentistry, Tooth Extraction   •   June 27, 2018

6 Tips That Can Help Speed Up the Healing Period After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

A wisdom tooth can cause an insufferable pain, especially when it is impacted. The impaction occurs when the tooth does not get adequate space to erupt and the dentist might suggest getting it extracted if the condition gets extremely severe. You will certainly get relieved from the discomfort after the extraction, but you also need […]