9 Ways of Flossing That Can Be Highly Advantageous

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

Sometimes our toothbrushes fail to reach every area of our mouth because of which the food particles remain there for several days. This also gives rise to plaques which results in yellow or corn like teeth and it becomes extremely embarrassing to smile in public with that. Flossing regularly can help you to get rid of such unwanted things but you should also know the correct way of doing it.

The thin filament comes in various types such as mint floss, electric floss, standard dental floss and so on; hence, you need to figure out which one suits you the best.

Tie it Around Your Fingers: Tie both the ends of the floss around your middle finger to get a grip on it. Hold the filament with your thumbs and then slide it between your teeth, now keep flossing until the food crumbs come out.

Clean the Area Around Your Molars: It gets very difficult to clear out the area near molars as the wisdom teeth are situated at the back of our mouth. But make sure to floss around that part because our teeth start decaying from there itself.

The Zigzag Movement: Try out the zigzag motion while flossing as it cleans almost every part; also make various shapes with the floss according to the placement of your teeth.

Don’t Let the Floss Snap: Make sure the floss does not snap between your teeth or else it might cause a lot of pain. So, be careful while flossing.

Clean Sections: Do not floss with the section which has already been used when you move to another tooth. Therefore, take an unused section for cleaning the remaining parts or else it won’t be of any use.

Try the Monofilament Floss: This could be a little expensive but it does not break that easily. Monofilament flosses are extremely robust due to which innumerable people prefer using this. It’s effective and highly useful when it comes to eliminating food particles and plaques.

See How You are Flossing: What can be more beneficial than looking into the mirror and flossing? You can see where the food crumbs are exactly trapped. Hence, excluding them becomes quite convenient.

Vertical and Horizontal Motions: It is essential to floss horizontally as well as vertically. This is another way to take out the food particles via flossing or else it remains confined between teeth.

Rinsing is a Must: Rinsing your mouth after a good flossing session is mandatory so do not ignore it.

Hopefully, the tips which are given in this write up regarding flossing would be helpful for you. Or else you can call us at +1 603-821-9046 to get a free consultation if you are having oral health problem.

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