5 Tips To Care For Your Dentures

in Van, TX
By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

The following tips on denture care will help protect the quality of your dentures so they can stay functional, clean and strong for years to come. In general, your dentures should be handled with the same degree of care you offer your natural teeth.

When we fail to follow the denture care tips listed below, the dentures may not fit properly. Dirty dentures can also cause severe health issues after plaque bacteria grow along the gum surface.

Five Tips For Dentures

  1. To clean the dentures, use as gentle a brush as possible Dentures are equally prone as regular teeth. If the patient is using an abrasive brush with hard bristles, then the dentures may be damaged. This calls for a
    denture brush or a standard soft-bristled brush. Every single day,you need to clean your dentures. This gentle brushing will clean up all the bits of food, bacteria, and other germs that have accumulated all day. Adhere to a routine
    denture cleaning regime and the dentures should stay visually appealing and fresh.
  2. After every meal, clean the dentures After each meal, patients need to clean the dentures under a stream of warm water. A good rinsing can help remove the remaining food particles on the dentures that contribute to
    accumulation. When food particles are left in place, they inevitably decompose, causing odorous breath and other oral health problems.
  3. Soak up the dentures every night The dentures have to be washed in a closed tub filled with water or a liquid denture cleaning solution. Soaking the dentures loosens residual debris after feeding. The washing of
    dentures also tends to avoid the appearance of stains.
  4. Carefully apply the denture adhesive A denture adhesive provides a tight grip which cushions the gums against the denture force. That is especially important for the lower denture. However, you should not add too much adhesive for denture treatment. Whether you feel like your dentures don’t suit your mouth well, or if they’re rusty, simply adding more denture adhesive won’t be the perfect solution. In such case, you should opt for implant-supported dentures that can keep them fixed in place. Reach out to us to make your dentures fit better and feel more comfortable.
  5. Do not regard daily dental check-ups as superfluous Using dentures instead of natural teeth doesn’t mean you should miss your daily visits to the dentist. Sure dentures are sturdy and strong but they are not
    infallible. When left in water for an extended period of time, dentures may warp. In addition, as time goes on, your gum tissues can change. Your gums are still prone to periodontal disease although dentures do not decay as regular

In addition, tissues in your oral cavity and jaws continue to be susceptible to injury. Visit us periodically to make sure that your dentures are in good condition and have the best fit possible. Contact the best
dentures dentist in Nashua NH.

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