Foods Not Good For Your Teeth

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By Advanced Family Dentistry
By Advanced Family Dentistry

You must be aware that taking proper care of your teeth and gums is not a soft nut to crack. Maintaining oral health is a commitment that requires to be done very early in your life and also involves the execution of several steps. Here at Advanced Family Dental, we often come across questions related to what should be done to avoid oral problems such as cavities, gum diseases, etc. Now, there are a number of things that should be followed if one has to keep his or her dental health on-point. Covering all such information in a single blog might give you a serious headrush. Keeping this in mind, we decided to let you know about the 10 foods which can cause harm to your teeth. Therefore, give the section below a diligent read and quench your thirst for knowledge.

Tea & Coffee

These are considered to be the two most popular beverages all across the world. But, the intake of these drinks can do serious damage to your teeth. Are you thinking about how? Consumption of tea and coffee leads to discoloration and in turn, causes yellow and brown stains on your teeth. To add on, adding sugar to these beverages damages the enamel of your teeth and paves the way for other oral diseases. 

Alcoholic Beverages

Intake of alcohol on a regular basis decreases the production of saliva which in turn leads to dryness in the mouth. This is bad for your teeth as saliva plays a vital role in protecting them from the acidic content. Saliva also washes away the food particles stuck in between the teeth. So, less saliva makes the perfect condition for the growth of bacteria and hence result in infection.

Sticky Candies

You should know that candy tends to stay longer in your mouth before it can dissolve, even after proper chewing. This period of time can range up to 10 means which is ample for the sugar to get absorbed into your gums and teeth. It is due to this reason that dentists recommend to avoid this type of food when it comes to maintaining your oral health. Moreover, if the candy particles stuck in between your teeth are not removed with a toothbrush or floss, the chances of suffering from cavities increases. 

Lemons or Oranges

Eating food items with high citric acid content can be the primary reason for enamel erosion and tooth decay. If you are too much into having lemons or oranges make sure to wash your mouth with water right after the meal. 


People are generally not aware of the fact that tomatoes are not good for their teeth. The reason behind this is pretty simple, tomatoes are acidic in nature. You might experience the worst results if eaten raw or in the form of ketchup. It is to be noted that tomatoes are not that harmful to your teeth if added to a dish as an ingredient.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits provide us with a lot of energy and are delicious to eat. But, they often get stuck in between our teeth which can cause the growth of bacteria and infection. The most viable solution is to floss on a regular basis to get rid of these particles.


Popcorns are very tasty and are considered to be a must in a family gathering or when we go to watch a movie. Though popcorn particles can also get stuck in between teeth and cause bacterial infection. 

Potato Chips

Potato chips have a high starch content which can get trapped between your teeth and stay there for a long time. This is really bad for both your teeth and gums. Hence, it is advisable to brush right after having potato chips.

White Bread

Just like potato chips, white bread also has high starch content. The starch gets broken down into sugar right after coming in contact with your saliva. The bread is transformed into a sticky substance that gets stuck to the gums and teeth. Rinse your mouth immediately after having white bread to avoid infection.


In the list of bad foods for your teeth, pickle is the worst culprit. The thought of veggies and vinegar might sound very tasty but the strong acidic vinegar can do serious damage to your teeth. Having pickles on a regular basis and not cleaning your mouth afterward can be the primary reason for the erosion of enamel.









































































We hope that this blog has been helpful to make you aware of the foods which can turn out to be a nightmare for your oral health. Always remember, that oral health is directly linked to your overall health. So, keeping your dental problems at bay or not maintaining your dental health can cause serious problems in the near future. 

In case of dental problems, don’t wait for a minute to get in touch with a dentist nearby. If you are looking for the best dentists in Nashua, NH, contact Advanced Family Dentistry. We offer excellent quality dental treatments at a relatively affordable price to meet all your oral needs. Thank you. 

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